From Susan to S2

Starting out
Susan’s journey to S2 Barre and Fitness Studio started in 1993. As a single mom, she wanted to be the best mother for her daughter while pursuing a great career. With no family living nearby, Susan needed a career that was flexible enough to let her be a full-time mom. As a fitness enthusiast and educator, she started offering fitness services in her home. Susan was able to stay home with her daughter and work at the same time - it took a lot of hard work and dedication, but she knew she had the best of both worlds running her business out of her home.

Growth spurts
At first, many people didn’t believe Susan could do it all – a full-time Mom and a full-time career. Yes, it took a lot of work, but as Susan pursued her career in personal training, she watched both her business and her daughter grow. She built her client-base with her daughter by her side, colouring in the studio while Susan taught. Her clients supported her throughout the years, and her daughter got the motherly love she deserved. Looking back, Susan feels so blessed to have had the best of both worlds. Susan’s business thrived without sacrificing the most important job – being a mother.

Continuing the journey with S2
In 2014, Susan’s business was still strong, but she wanted to take it to the next level. She explored new fitness styles and fell in love with barre. Just as love and dedication started her own fitness studio, her interest in barre led her to the next chapter of her career– S2 Barre and Fitness Studio. Susan has since raised the barre again and recently produced a teacher training manual certification course and instructional video for her new workout program called Step Up To The Barre™. Susan also is an assistant trainer with the AFLCA where she teaches certification courses, workshops and a variety of group exercise and Mindbody fitness classes. Susan also continues to offer personal and small group training at S2 Barre and Fitness Studio– a place she calls home!